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this is an original work of art™ by Miles

run the culture: Boston edition

run the culture: Boston edition

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run the culture: Boston edition

High and lows
Left us black and blue
A celebration 
That left our vision a skewed 
Trials and tribulations 
To the runners a few 
A chipped tooth can’t stop Johnny 
But the coppas sure do
; I couldn’t see you 
An obstruction of view 
We was tryna celebrate 
They said we 2 live crew
Just another day 
when you living in hue 
Black vs blue 
Is how they’ll mirror it too 
But we do the right thing 
Like spike, we stay 26.true


72"x48"x2" on canvas

Mixed Media Acrylic, Spray Paint

Art is an expression. How you see the world, what inspires you and who you are. Miles Perry is the artist behind, "this is an original work of art™" every piece is original and unique to its core. Every approach to the canvas is different. Thus creating a unique style like none other. The style and approach is called...


the fluidity to adapt, change, and express ideas in an array of different styles

Signed Original, canvas. 2023 

*Shipping charges vary depending on location and preference. Gallery wrapped, Framed, or Raw Canvas.

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